Praise be to God

Not long ago four of us who write individual posts decided to do some verse that would allow us to each write one stanza – then step back and allow the Spirit to move another of us to pick up the next …. then another, and so on. Then we would reconfigure it into a completed work. We had, of course, no idea of what it would look and sound like. It might be compared to a modern day psalm of devotion. It has since been published, and hopefully has touched others as it did us in such a profound and unique way.

Who made the Universe
Yet is small enough to reside in our hearts
Our God who created the ponderous bulk
Of the Ocean Whole, but also the delicacy
Of a hummingbird wing
Praise be to God
Who breathed Life into me
Though I cannot see Him, yet I draw breath
Hearing His voice that rings bright
Before all earthly clamor
I walk through the shadows of life
Treading upon the sunlight of buttercups
Your call is Inescapable
It brings me to my knees
In Joy, Hope and Love
Praise be to Christ, who tenderly holds
All that the Father has given Him
Facing the terror of deaths unbroken stone
Crimson flow, Humanities bath
He open the matrix of Life
With thunderous Love
Healing Springs, River of Truth
Teardrops streaming
Swimming in Joy
Your spirit sings a Blessing
Into my parched and eager heart
My life has spung anew
As fresh seeded grass
Till now, knew nought but mornings dew
Breath of Life, soaring so high
Your essence lingers in the air
Filling my Soul
With Wispering Prayer
My hope follows the skylark
With delicate strokes of an Indian paintbrush
Your love is forever painted upon my heart
Praise God for Renewal and Protection
For Faith and Courage
Joy, Cleansing, and
Love Infallible
Holding fast to every Promise made
My hands have learned to reach
For all things that speak of Love and Beauty
As I inhale your wondrous Gift before my eyes
My voice exhales with longing to see your face
Your Grace is beyond imagination
Your word is precious to me
Oh, that I may be one with You!
Praise be to God whose Word is Life,
Truth and Wisdom
Whose Holy Spirit is Love,
Goodness and Mercy


About 4hispraise

I am quite simply a child of our Lord God. What good that I have done or may do, I pray will reflect solely on the presence of The Holy Spirit who speaks for me in all things.
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